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Isle of Palms Weather

Isle of Palms Report

Waves At 7:20 AM, waves are in the thigh to waist high range and clean.
Buoy Information Edisto Buoy is reporting a wave height of 6.6 ft with a dominant wave period of 13 sec.
Wind 7 mph from the NNE (offshore), and forecast to increase to 8 mph from the N (offshore) this afternoon.
Air temperature 72 deg F and forecast to increase to 84 deg F this afternoon.
Tides High Tide 12:01 AM, Low Tide 6:06 AM, Sunrise 7:10 AM, High Tide 12:43 PM, Low Tide 6:57 PM, Sunset 7:10 PM
Water Temperature 81 deg F
Barometer 1012 mb and rising (Note that standard atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1013 mb = 29.92 inHg.)
Other information Waves are forecast to decrease to thigh high this afternoon and to be smaller through Friday.
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Current IOP Traffic To view current traffic conditions at both the IOP and Mount Pleasant ends of the IOP Connector, do the following: (1) click on the City of Isle of Palms seal on the upper left of this web page; (2) select "The Island" at the upper right of the home page, and from the pull down menu click on "Beach"; (3) at the left of the Beach web page, click on "Beach Access & Parking"; (4) click on the "SCDOT 511 cameras" link in the second paragraph.
IOP Parking Public parking is specified on the Isle of Palms City web site by first performing steps (1), (2) and (3) above; then, (4) for the period from May 15 to September 15, public parking locations not requiring a permit or fee are described in the “Road Right-of-Ways” paragraph and links. An exception is 7th Avenue where, due to plants and other obstructions in the right-of-way, only about 4 parking spaces are available.
This surf report was updated on Tuesday Sepetmber 26 by Jim Radley.

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